Welcome to ’The Journal’ - our virtual atelier.

Welcome to ’The Journal’ - our virtual atelier. Here you will get a behind the scenes look at the creative process that sparks each and one of our collections, allowing you to better understand the journey of each garment. We are driven by our core values and belief that different is good, that culture is borderless, and that our planet can be united only by understanding differences and celebrating these. Our beliefs guide us as we navigate through the world in search for inspiration, and pushes us to never stop exploring and keep being curious. This way we can achieve our goal of finding new ways of combining tradition with fashion, and continue to express our shared convictions.

Our approach to exploration is holistic and we look for inspiration in both nature and culture as well as history.  We then try to use this as a foundation from which we translate a geographical location into a contemporary yet timeless line of clothes.

Culture, cuisine and couture
We call this “the three C’s” and they summarize our strongest immediate sensory experience of a geographical location. The culture is what we see and hear, the cuisine is what we can feel, smell and taste, and the couture is how all of this can be expressed. 

We hope that you will enjoy the read.