The cornerstone of everyday life fashion in Eritrea

The cornerstone of everyday life fashion in Eritrea

With a warm, and rather arid climate, the majority of Eritrean fashion is based on delicate, aerious textiles that provide protection from the sun while allowing the body to breathe and stay cool.

However, there is a large gap in day and night temperatures, bringing in cooler air when the sun sets over the Eritrean landscape. Temperatures can drop down to 6-12 Celcius in average, demanding thicker clothing to withstand the cold air.

We found a lot of inspiration in the dynamic climate that Eritrea offers. The foundation of the Keren collection was therefore built on lighter fabrics for many of the garments, with the addition of some warmer pieces to provide warmth during those cooler nights. We envision our trousers and t-shirts worn on a sunny afternoon, while our polo’s or signature ‘Keren’ sweatshirts are for the cooler evening temperatures. During the autumn and winter months, our Bomber jackets will be the perfect companion during nightly escapades.

One cannot talk about couture and fashion in Eritrea without mentioning the ‘Rexora’ shawlette. It is the cornerstone of everyday life fashion for many women in Eritrea, and the infamous patterns are what caught our eyes the most. We think the dynamic patterns used in the Rexora work as a great metaphor for the equally dynamic landscape and climate that can be found in Eritrea.

The name itself is interesting as well. ‘Rexora’ is Bilen for “shining”, and for us it really wraps up our collection by adding the last few sparks of magic to it. We chose to use the Rexora pattern in the lining of the bomber jacket, because we think these jackets are the garment that will be used the most. This way you will help bring attention to one of the cultural gems of Eritrea every time you use your Keren Bomber, and join us in our quest to #CelebrateTheWorld.


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