The flavours of Eritrea


When it comes to food you can rest assured that the taste buds will have plenty of options to get satisfied by too.


One of the delicacies that is on the must-try list is the so called kitcha fit-fit. It’s a traditional breakfast dish made with pieces of hearty pancake that have been tossed in clarified butter and spices. It’s served with a side of yoghurt, and is the perfect way to start the day. Other breakfast dishes include porridge with butter and berbere, or fava beans that are been mashed and served with onions, jalapenos, cumin, yoghurt and olive oil. 

Eritrean food.jpg

As for lunch or dinner, the Eritrean cuisine is usually based on meat or vegetables that have been made into a stew and are eaten with the famous spongy and fermented injera bread. Expect lot’s of flavor from the spices and herbs.

If ever in Eritrea, also make sure you do not miss out on the almost sacred coffee ceremonies carried out by the locals. The whole process is carried out at home, and everything is done from the ground up, with step one being to roast the green coffee beans over coal.

Once this is done, you will have the chance to sample the aromatic smoke which is a blissful experience for all coffee lovers. After the roasting it is time to grind the beans and put them in a special vessel called a jebena. Once the coffee is ready you can sit back and enjoy up to four servings of coffee, with each serving having it’s own special name: 1. awel, 2. kale’I, 3. bereka, and 4. dereja. The last serving is however usually only poured when elders are present as well.