The fashion line that has the whole Eritrean community talking


How do you tell the story of Eritrean culture through contemporary fashion? That is the question that sparked the ‘Keren’ collection to life.

For most people, Eritrea is still largely unknown and shrouded in an intriguing African mysticism. The goal of the ‘Keren’ collection was therefore to bring awareness to this Eastern African gem, as well as to celebrate its cultural peculiarities.

Deciding which factors and elements to draw influences from wasn’t very obvious initially. Countries and cultures are incredibly complex, and it’s both a tedious and sensitive task to decide how a translation into fashion should look like. Our conclusion after extensive research was that there are three main influences that can be drawn from any culture.

The dynamic
Eritrea is much more dynamic than what you might see at a first glance. We wanted to capture this natural dynamic in our collection, and reflect it through the styles and fabrics. Warm days and chilly nights are not uncommon traits of the Eritrean climate, and hence we wanted to mix thinner everyday garments with the thicker sweatshirts and bombers.

The colors
Capturing the colors of the Keren and the surrounding nature came natural as it’s the first impression that hits you visually. Tones of sandy nude, green, and orange can be found all over the Eritrean urban landscape. By mixing these colors into the collection in different ways we highlight the color scheme of Keren.

Signature patterns
It didn’t take long for us to decide that no Eritrean inspired fashion collection would be complete without incorporating the ‘Rexora’ pattern. We wanted to give the Rexora a special place in our first line of clothes, and decided for it to be placed inside the garment we think you will use the most, namely in the lining of the bomber.

WA 1-7.jpg

The Keren collection really encapsulates what the World Ambassadeur brand stands for. By wearing influences from other cultures proudly, you celebrate all differences and declare that our whole planet is your home, and that you truly are a World Ambassadeur.

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