Founded with the goal to spread appreciation of diversities among cultures with ready-to-wear collections suitable for the conscious clothing consumer. 

The collections are defined by attention to details picked from all over the world. With an emphasis on tailoring and an eclectic use of materials and custom-developed fabrics.



We feature clean lines and simple patterns, all pieces delivered with a piece of history. The collections cover men’s and women’s ready-to-wear. With a clothing piece from World Ambassadeurs you will wear and feel the history of a culture adapted for the environment you're in.


Our pieces can last a long time both in style and quality. We offer a style rather than a trend, by creating timeless pieces and wardrobe essentials that can be used season after season. 



Our approach to exploration is holistic and we look for inspiration in both nature and culture as well as history.  We then try to use this as a foundation from which we translate a geographical location into a contemporary yet timeless line of clothes.



We don’t believe in borders, but rather in cultures. We don’t think that achievements and accomplishments belong to a single nation, but to all of humanity.

By wearing influences from other cultures proudly, you celebrate all differences and declare that our whole planet is your home, and that you truly are a World Ambassadeur.

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Guiding Values


Different is good

We see a homogenous world as a predictable, boring, and dull place. We believe that all humans need diversity to be creative and keep evolving.

History has shown time after time that different views and ideas inspire and give birth to greatness.

There are no right or wrongs in our world, only different solutions to the same problems. No other statement shows this clearer than what different cultures decide to wear.



We see cultural pride as something beautiful and non-exclusive, meaning that we don’t believe that only certain people within specific borders should be proud of that countries historical achievements.

Borders are not real, and all of the great things people have accomplished throughout the years belong to all of mankind. Hence, we should all be equally proud of what we all have achieved so far.



Cultures have always used apparel to come together and to unite themselves, both through history and in contemporary ways. Whether it’s an ancient culture, or the fans of a football team, apparel has always been a cornerstone in unification.

We see a unified world as the ultimate foundation for growth, and we truly believe that this is the only way to really solve the real problems of our and coming generations. Unification is a must in order to create global stability and enable mankind to thrive in its future endeavours. Our contribution might not seem as grand as our vision at a first glance, but we do believe in the power of fashion and apparel.